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A Guide On How To Cut Concrete


  1. Mark The Area To Be Cut

The first thing you need to do is layout the piece of concrete that you want to remove. You can use a box and chalk line to mark the area of the concrete that you want to cut. When cutting the concrete, make sure that the blade stays on the straight line marked by the chalk line.

  1. Use 150-amp Circular Saw That Has Abrasive Blade.

This is the best blade you can use to cut concrete that is not too deep. However, when using the blade, make sure that you set the depth of the circular saw at 50.8 mm which is 2 inches. Once you have adjusted the depth of the circular saw, you can proceed on to cutting the concrete by starting from the edge. Slowly follow the line you had drawn using the chalk line to make sure that you get perfect results.

If you are working on concrete that is deeper than four inches, it is advisable that you use a more powerful cutting tool to get the job done.

A good example of such a tool is an electric power cut-off saw. This precise saw can penetrate concrete that is six inches deep and can cut through without any problems. Besides, using a different blade to cut through such concrete, you will still use the same method to get the job done.

The above graph shows that the concrete cutting industry really only exists in western countries such as England, Australia and America.


There are different types of blades you can use to cut concrete, but the one you chose will depend on the depth of the concrete that you need to cut. Furthermore, it is also advisable that you try and keep the blade wet when cutting concrete to reduce dust and also to keep the blade cool.

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